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Poly Clay Play Fun!When you join PCPFun, you will begin an exciting journey of polymer clay exploration.

If you work with other clays such as air dry clay, this group is for you too.  Most of the projects will be created using polymer clay but the techniques can often be adapted and created with other clays.  Even cake artists will find inspiration that translates to cake decorating.

It's a great place for beginners to start because we walk you through all the questions you have.

It's a great place for seasoned clay artists to come for inspiration.  You will probably learn a thing or two you didn't know and each month there will be more advanced projects as well as those great for beginners.  Let's face it, working with polymer clay, as with other mediums is only a matter of taking it one step at a time and then practicing!

Poly Clay Play Fun is similar to a magazine because you get projects, articles and more but better than most magazines because each project is very detailed with pictures of each step so you won't get lost along the way.  We write the projects like we are writing them for someone who knows absolutely nothing about working with clay.  Even the more advance projects can be completed by beginners because  we show you each and every step in detail.

Poly Clay Play Fun Members Receive Poly Pods.  Each PCPFun Poly Pod includes:

  1. Access to the "Patty Ponders" column where she answers questions regarding polymer clay and various tools and products for working with clay.   This column will only be open to Poly Clay Play Fun members.  The information Patty shares is invaluable!  You can even ask her questions. 
  2. Members receive incentives and discounts for products at Poly Clay Play.
  3. Each month the PCPFun Poly Pods will build on what you have learned in previous months.  In one Poly Pod you may learn how to create one of Yonat's canes.  In the same set or a future set, you may have a tutorial that uses that cane.  This makes PCPFun great for beginners.  Working with polymer clay is easy if you take it one step at a time.
  4. For your first month you start out with a free Poly Pod filled with great information about polymer clay playing so you will start out with the Bonus Poly Pod and Poly Pod 1.
  5. Access to a Private Face Book page where you can ask questions, post your polymer clay pictures and chat with other members about the fun you are having.
  6. Each Poly Pod will start out with at least 3 or 4 PDFs... As time goes on, additional PDFs may be added to each pod. Where can you buy projects for so little?  And don't forget, you are getting so much more!
  7. Each month you are a subscriber, you will have access to a new Poly Pod with PDFs including Fun Project Tutorials as well as Other PDFs which may include:
  • Tips
  • Techniques
  • Videos
  • Cane Tutorials
  • Lots more to give you tons of inspiration, knowledge and fun ideas for working with clay.

Discounts and Bonuses

Each month you are a PCPFun member, you will be able to shop at Poly Clay Play and get 10% off most products.  Simply sign into your shopping cart account in the Poly Clay Play shopping cart area to have the discount automatically applied to your purchase.

Each different Poly Pod may include a bonus such as an additional percentage-off code to use for a product or tool used in projects from that pod.

For example: With the first Poly Pod, you can purchase Starter Kit 3 for an additional 10% off.  That's 10% off for being a PCPFun member and an extra 10% on Kit 3... a great deal if you are new to polymer clay or if you need new tools.

How it works:

  • Visit here and subscribe to the term you want.
  • Each month you are a PCPFun member, your account will automatically be charged the low membership fee.
  • Within 48 hours (before or after your scheduled payment), you will have access to the next Poly Pod with more Poly Clay Play Fun. 
  • Each month you are a PCPFun member, your Poly Clay Play Shopping Cart Account will be set up with any discounts and bonuses available for that month.
  • All members start from the beginning with the free Bonus Poly Pod and Poly Pod 1 so you won't miss a thing.
  • You have permission to save and/or print all the wonderful PDFs you receive as a member of PCPFun.  Please note, in most cases you are not allowed to share the projects with others.  Please invite your friends to join the fun!
  • ANGEL POLICY: You have permission to make items using the project instructions and sell them or give them as gifts.  If possible, please give credit to the PCPFun.  That way we can keep the prices low and continue to offer all the PCPFun!
  • Occasionally, a project offered in a pod may be a project available from the Artist's Corner at Poly Clay Play.  If after you join PCPFun, you purchase a project and then see it delivered in a future set, send me a note and I will set up a credit in your shopping cart account to use on other products or tutorials at Poly Clay Play.  So, don't hesitate to purchase projects from the great artists at Poly Clay Play!  Please note... if you have purchased a project before joining PCPFun, a credit may not be given.  It will be determined on a case by case basis so please send me a note and include your original order number!
  • Poly Pod CDs - When you first get to a Poly Pod, it may not have all the projects intended yet.  Once all the PDFs have been added, there will be a link for you to purchase a Poly Pod CD, if you like, which will include all the projects for that pod.
  • There are three membership plans.  You can join as a monthly PCPFun member for $4.95, or as a yearly PCPFun member or as a Lifetime PCPFun member. 
  • Yearly membership includes a bonus of $10 automatically added to your shopping cart account to spend on fun products at Poly Clay Play.  So for $65 you get 12 months of Poly Pods and everything else (Patty Ponders, Product Reviews etc.) and you get $10 to shop with.
  • Lifetime membership includes access to all Poly Clay Play Fun Member Only PDFs.  You get a lifetime 10% discount on eligible purchases made at Poly Clay Play and to start you off, you will get $25 deposited into your Poly Clay Play shopping cart account within 24 hours of payment.  Fun stuff will be added for many years to come.
  • IMPORTANT: If you subscribe to Poly Clay Play Fun, you are agreeing to our policies found here. Please don't subscribe until you have read them.
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